Aircraft Charters & Aircraft Charter Company & Services
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Aircraft Charters & Aircraft Charter Company & Services

Sitting on the ground, your aircraft is an expensive and idle asset. . It enables you to charter your aircraft when you are not using it, making your aircraft a more productive investment.  Traveling then is a boon. One travels in comfort and is assured of efficient and reliable services. The crew and staff have extensive training in their respective tasks and have the requisite flying experience.

There are Companies having 70-years experience manufacturing, operating, and maintaining world-class business aircraft.These Companies assure you of your aircraft's productivity, even when you're not using it..

One of them is :

Raytheon Aircraft Company
Contact: Ron Gottschalk
Phone: 316.676.0778 or 1.800.519.6283
FAX: 316.676.1405

and Others :

A1 Air Charters : Provides executive, corporate, business and personal aircft charters to thousands of airports worldwide. Private charters.

Air Brokerage International, LLC : An aircraft leasing and charter service.

Air Charter Express, Inc.: Executive charter, air ambulance service, priority cargo, pet travel and day trips from Southern California.

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