Exotic Limo Rentals, Dallas Limousine Rental
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Exotic Limo Rentals, Dallas Limousine Rental

Ninth largest city in the US , Dallas was once a frontier town of the Wild West. Now, it is a dynamic and progressive city that is partnered in the ‘Metroplex’ by Forth Worth to the east.

Like so many cities in America , Dallas grew up around a railhead. From those far off frontier days until present, the city has continually been a magnet for commerce and entrepreneurs: Doc Holliday was a Dallas dentist before changing career path.

But of all the innovations and entrepreneurial flair generated in Dallas , it was the discovery of oil in 1930 that has epitomized the economy and business acumen of the territory for more than half a century. More recently, Dallas has been making its mark in computer technology hence the sobriquet “Silicon Prairie”.

But it would be wrong to suppose that Dallas is entirely business-focused. Texans know how to have fun. Their Tex-Mex cultural fusion and checkered history makes for a distinctive blend and flavor.

Despite all its other achievements, it’s the darkest hour of Dallas that will continue to dominate its reputation. Forty years on and the assassination of President John F Kennedy persists in the American psyche as the abiding Dallas connotation. There can be very few visitors to Dallas who don’t make a personal homage to the street where the ‘American Dream’ president was cut down on that fateful day in 1963. Dealey Plaza , the scene of the crime, and its Sixth Floor Museum are the most visited places in Dallas .

After the Kennedy-related sights, another leading visitor attraction is Fair Park. You could easily spend days, if not weeks, there touring its eclectic mix of museums, concert facilities, theatres, art galleries and gardens.

One of the other hallmarks of Dallas is the climate – mild winters and scorching summers. This may also go some way to explain why the city has more shopping malls than any other in the USA .

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